Stacey Pottery Studio

"A fun place to play and learn!"

Stacey Pottery Studio would not have been possible without the many people who supported me, encouraged me,  taught me,

gave of their time, money and expertise and who pushed me out of my comfort zone to make this project happen. 

I wish to thank (in no particular order):

Scott McDonald

Elaine Hirschenberger

Womanspace of Rockford IL

Dorothy Bock

Dee Santorini and the Tuesday Pottery Class

Cherie Heck

All of my students who teach me as much as I hope I teach them

Sr. Janet Peterson

Gerald Goetz SJ

All of my art teachers in school so long ago.

Nishi at Nanten Pottery

All of the potters who share videos on youtube

Lynn Fischer

Diane Dailing

Robin Replogle

My cheering squad in the USA, Canada and abroad

Tim Steffan

Doug the Electrician

Annie Chrietzberg

Larry Pittsley at American Garage Art

Amanda Bulger

Brian Borger

Lea Stewart

Travis Stewart

Jim Roughhousin'

Jim the carpenter

Jake the plumber

Jake the handyman

(Trades brought to you by the letter "J")

Matthew Vincent

The 4th of July Moving Crew, Dawn, Molly, Travis, J.R., Stephanie, Brenda 

and special thanks to;

Tony Gray who has been my biggest cheerleader since 2012