Stacey Pottery Studio

"A fun place to play and learn!"

Potters Repurpose so many things!

Things Needed in the Pottery Studio

I work in several studios including my own. Here is a list of recyclables that are perennially needed in almost all of them.

Specific things for my new studio;
- Micro usb phone chargers, iPhone chargers - so nice to have spare cords for students to charge their phones
 - Wheels, casters, rollers, if you have something that has outlived its usefulness but it has wheels on it, I can give 
those wheels a new purpose. Everything in the studio is heavy and wheels save my back.
- A boom box or some small stereo that has an audio plugin so people can play music from their phones.
- Plastic storage baskets and cutlery organizers.

For all studios I work in;

· Newspapers
· Boards – hardibacker cement board, plywood, masonite, wood that measures 6” X 6” and up.
· Foam, upholstery and packing foam (not peanuts), poly quilt batting, pool noodles, foam pipe insulators.
· Plastic – for example dry cleaning plastic, vapor barrier, large shopping bags
· Plastic jars, pails, buckets – for example waterproof plastic jars, Talenti gelato jars, peanut butter jars, plastic coffee cans, 1 gallon ice cream buckets, empty plastic paint buckets, 2,3,4 gallon pails with or without lids, pickle barrels
· Old natural bristle broom to make texture tools.
· Dowels · Old rolling pins, whisks, rubber spatulas, plastic measuring cups, measuring spoons, wooden spoons
· Old towels, rags, shop aprons
· Tarpaper, tyvek
· PVC Pipe, any width and any length
· Old paint brushes
· Knitting needles
· Small pieces of sheet metal
· Plastic gift cards after you have spent the $$ :)
· Textured fabric like lace, sheer curtains with open patterns
· Worn out painters canvas

Drop me a comment or message me privately to set a time for me to pick up. If you have material that you’d like to know if I could use, feel free to ask, potters are good at repurposing!